Dear Friends and Benefactors of Project Arizona,

I am reconnecting with you after eight months that were marked with mostly bad news: bloody war in Ukraine, inflation hitting records worldwide, governments growing and economies suffering. I do also closely observe what is happening in Arizona with the blue wave flooding the state more and more. There are many reasons to be pessimistic these days. 

But I remain a long-run optimist. What makes me see the glass half full? Immigrants from countries suffering from socialism. Am I kidding you? No, you got me right. It’s the spirit of Florida or …the spirit of Project Arizona! The message of freedom and opportunity resonates the most with the people whose’ lives were ruined by the “heaven on earth” policies. 

Look, when our students enter classes at ASU and courageously stand up against big government local Arizonan students always make very big eyes. “What? They come from Europe and they cherish American values?!” is a very common reaction. American students live in some sickening bubble: thinking that the American way of life is the worst possible, that free market capitalism is “dog eat dog” , brutal rivalry, and so on. They don’t see so many precious things my students see here in Arizona: freedom to be what you want to be, opportunities arising in every corner, voluntary cooperation among happy people. We need more – not less of all that! 

In the second paragraph I mentioned the spirit of Florida. You got me right, we need more Florida in Arizona but this is not about the partisan games. This is about inclusion of freedom hungry immigrants, this is about freedom of business, this is about less government in every aspect of our life. Arizona is still very much like this but the tendency recently changed. In this letter I don’t talk about all the great things Project Arizona does to its students. I am sure you know it does. I want to stress that Project Arizona is also needed …for Arizona itself – to remain true Arizona! I fell in love with Arizona many years ago. We will not let it go!

Yours truly,

Jacek Spendel

Pd. In this thanksgiving season please DONATE to Project Arizona. We will come to my beloved state only next year but your support matters a lot already NOW. And it is tax-deductible. Thank you!


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