Class 2019

We inaugurated Project Arizona in January 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.




Each intern is placed at a different organization, and gains valuable work experience and acquaintance with American work ethics


Weekly afternoon classes at ASU, delivered by Professor Donald Critchlow, director of Center for Political Thought and Leadership (finished in the first week of May).


Meeting successful people dedicated to liberty is vitally important for our young leaders to build their own networks and use them to further their own cause.


Giving back to the local community, and learning how to use the skills we learn in real life.

  • Lectures at the Arizona State University Program in Political History and Leadership (February–April, 2019)
  • Lectures and weekly seminars at the Arizona State University organized by the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty (February–April, 2019)
  • Arizona Freedom Summit (February 8-9, 2019)
  • Reason Foundation’s Retreat (March 9, 2019)
  • Project Arizona’s Seminar on American History and Free Market Economics (March 27-29, 2019)
  • Seminar on Entrepreneurship with Vadim Fiddle (March 30-31, 2019)
  • Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School (April 6-7, 2019)
  • Seminar on Achieving Financial Freedom with Harold Kraemer (April 13, 2019)
  • Objectivist Seminar at the Ayn Rand Institute (April 26, 2019)
People we networked with
  • Political figures: Warren Petersen (Arizona’s State Senator), Nicholas Sarwark (National Chairman of the Libertarian Party), Austin Petersen, Barry Goldwater Jr.
  • Leaders of non-government organizations: Ken Schoolland (President, Liberty International) Ronald Ludders (and his Arizona Project), Christina Sanderfur (VP at Goldwater Institute), Le Templar (VP at Goldwater Institute)
  • Freedom activists and intellectuals: Nick Dranias (The Heartland Institute), dr Tom Patterson, dr Jeffrey Singer (Cato Institute), Ernest Hancock (, prof. David Schmidtz (Center for the Philosophy of Freedom), Zuhdi Jasser (American Islamic Forum for Democracy), Marc Victor (Attorneys for Freedom), Alan Korwin, Roy Miller, Jeffrey Johnson
  • Businessmen and professionals: Alexandria Dionne (Public Policy Partners), Justice Clint Bolick (Arizona Supreme Court), Alfredo Molina (Molina Fine Jewelers).