The Project Arizona Class of 2024 will be a group of 10 incredibly talented students who have shown exceptional achievement in academics and leadership.

Learn about economics 📈, politics 🌐, lawmaking ✒️, journalism 📰, ideologies 📜, and more from a dedicated faculty. Apply for Project Arizona, a six-week-long intensive program focusing on the basics of the free market, the US Constitution, and more.


Meet the 3 students who have already been selected.


Nathaniel Dwamena

Nathaniel is an LLB graduate, having acquired his first degree in Geography and Rural Development with Economics as minor at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). As the Majority Chief Whip for the 11th Parliament, he made a significant contribution to the KNUST Students' Parliament House. For the 10th and 11th Parliaments in 2017 and 2018, he received the Most Hardworking and Exemplary Leader awards, respectively. Nathaniel finished second in the 2018 Ghana National Parliament's inter-tertiary student parliament's Commonwealth Debate. Nathaniel conducted research for a free market think tank in Ghana, authored opinion pieces, and helped develop alternative policies. He established YAFO Institute in 2017. YAFO Institute is an independent think tank in Ghana that uses the popularizer model to push free enterprise research in the country's public policy arena. YAFO Institute's most recent policy victory involved organizing for a reduction in the electronic transaction levy from 1.7% to 1% in 2023.


Magnús Örn Gunnarsson

Magnús Örn Gunnarsson joined the Youth Independence Party in Iceland in 2013 and assumed the role of secretary for my local chapter in the Kópavogur municipality. During this time, he had the opportunity to attend the Political School, sponsored by the National Youth Movement, and received the book "Why Liberty" edited by Tom G. Palmer. This led him to become a member of Students For Liberty and establish the Libertarian Association of Upper Secondary Schools, which, at that time, stood as the only functional political organization catering to individuals aged 16-20 in schools. With SFL, his dedication earned me the title of Top 50 Global Leader and the Fundraiser of the Year recognition. Subsequently, he actively participated in restructuring the Centre for Social and Economic Research in Iceland and revitalizing the Taxpayers Association of Iceland. Magnús has managed political campaigns, contributing to the victory of the Minister of Justice and our municipal elections. He serves on several company boards and regularly provides consultancy services across various industries, including film, defense, financial services, and construction.


Valentina Zenocrati

Valentina is a 21-year-old student of Economics. She also runs her own business in her town and has a degree in “Stock Market and Cryptocurrency.” In her fight for freedom, she has been working in different organizations such as SFL and LOLA. She founded a student organization at her university called UPAU, is the actual president of the “Liberal Party” in her city and has worked for the election campaign of libertarian candidate Javier Milei, the president-elect of Argentina.