What We Have Achieved

We inaugurated Project Arizona in late February 2017, when six students from Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia came to Phoenix. We organized for them an intensive program that consisted of:

  • Internships
  • Each intern is placed at a different organization, and gains valuable work experience and acquaintance with American work ethics.

  • Education
  • – Weekly afternoon classes at ASU, delivered by Professor Donald Critchlow, director of Center for Political Thought and Leadership (finished in the first week of May)>
    – Reading and Discussion Circle lead by Project Arizona’s students themselves (started in early May)
    – Seminar on American History and Free Market Economics organized explicitly for Project Arizona students by Center for Political Thought and Leaderhisp and Language of Liberty Institute on March 28-30
    – Objectivist Seminar organized by Ayn Rand Institute for Project Arizona students on March 18th
    – Grassroots Leadership Academy organized by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), six meetings between April 13 – May 18
    – Scholarships for Project Arizona students’ to attend FEECon in Atlanta, June 15-18

  • Networking
  • Meeting successful people dedicated to libery is vitally important for our young leaders to build their own networks and use them to further their own cause. Some of our outstanding networking contacts:

    – Political figures: Ron Paul, Paul Mosley, Michele Reagan, David Cook
    – Leaders of non-government organizations: Darcy Olsen, Christina Sandefur, Arthur Brooks
    – Freedom activists: Patrick Reagan, Ernest Hancock, Adam Kokesh, Thomas Bingel
    – Experts in various fields: Stephen Slivinski, Jeffrey Singer, Tom Patterson, Lawrence Bell, Randall O’Toole, Timothy Picciott

    What We accomplished in 4 months