Project Arizona has impacted the lives of the students since its inception in 2017.
The students have represented countries worldwide and are working in diverse fields.


Tomasz Bethke

Class of 2022, Poland

Arizona was a mind-blowing experience of liberty, knowledge, and connections. Surrounded by freedom fighters from around the globe, I built friendships that span continents and learned from the best. From California canyons to D.C. monuments, the US unfolded before me, enriching my soul. Now, my network and skills are a launchpad for a future dedicated to liberty, and I urge every young champion to join this incredible journey. Project Arizona will ignite your passion and equip you to change the world.

Kateryna Shapovalenko

Class of 2020, Ukraine

My economic odyssey began in university debates, fueled by a vision of a freer Ukraine. Easy Business, my think tank, nurtured that vision, while Harvard and Arizona broadened my horizons. In Arizona, I discovered my calling – shaping economic policy.

Back home, I joined the Center for Economic Recovery, wielding my analytics to build Ukraine's national strategy. But my fire burns in multiple hearths - Easy Business keeps the libertarian flame alive, while Civitta sharpens my public policy skills.

The future holds uncertainties, but my path is clear: long-term economic growth for Ukraine. I envision myself a policy consultant, wielding my expertise for development projects, a graduate degree ready to join the arsenal.

Anastasiia Mykolenko

Class of 2020, Ukraine

Project Arizona sparked my passion for freedom and justice. Legal experience at Cartier Law during the internship at PA solidified this while working at an independent news source in Ukraine, further fueled my desire for truth. A visa issue led me to a research and investment role in finance. Still, my academic hunger led me to the University of Montreal, where I was accepted to research migrants in China. I manage investments in Silicon Valley while continuing my research, illustrating my dedication to finance and social impact. My future remains open, but my commitment to freedom and truth will always drive me.

Cláudio Antônio Klaus Júnior

Class of 2022, Brazil

I enjoyed my experience with Project Arizona very much! The program was complete in all senses. I truly enjoyed the friendship with fellow PA participants. Besides that, having the opportunity to further interact with thought leaders and influencers in the field was great.
Project Arizona allowed me to further understand what activism can mean in all different angles. The diverse group of participants along with the many lectures really helped me to comprehend and draft a plan for my personal life.
Once in a lifetime opportunity, really a great time in a great state. Carefully curated content and friends for life. I highly recommend it!

Krzysztof Moszyński

Class of 2019

My journey began with a passion for Japanese culture, leading me to study in Warsaw and then dive into the heart of it all in Kyoto. Those experiences opened doors, and I found myself among the top speakers at the Economic Lessons for the Youth project, even getting some shiny decorations along the way! To broaden my horizons, I tackled a course at ASBiRO School of Business and honed my language skills as a Japanese-English-Polish translator. But I wasn't done, I had a voice yearning to be heard, so I trained it rigorously to become a professional Polish voice actor.

My economics spark wouldn't be ignored, so during Project Arizona, I landed an internship with the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University. It was a fascinating dive into the world of liberty, and the flame only burned brighter. Back in Poland, I joined forces with the Libertarian Association and organizations like Centrum Kapitalizmu, co-organizing events and championing the cause of liberty like a modern-day knight. All the while, my voice acting career thrived, and my curiosity led me to explore business analysis and the intriguing world of real estate.

Currently, I'm proudly involved in the Libertarian Association, the Mises Institute in Poland, and KoLiber, sharing my knowledge and experiences to advance the cause I believe in. But my ambitions stretch further. The future holds a career in business analysis, where I can use my skills to make a real difference. And my long-term dream? To combine my passion for liberty with my growing understanding of psychology and coaching. I envision an NGO supporting young liberty activists in Poland, empowering them to develop their minds and spirits, navigate their goals, and ultimately strengthen the entire liberty community in our country. It's a big dream, but it's my dream, and with every step I take, I know I'm getting closer.

Agnieszka Slowikowska

Class of 2018

I've always dreamed of a free Poland, where individuals are empowered to create their own happiness and success. I know true freedom can only come if we all make an effort, so I've always done my part, voting for leaders who understand the importance of individual liberty.

But after a while, I realized that voting alone wasn't enough. To make real change, I needed to get involved. That's why, about seven years ago, I started participating in conservative-liberal activities. It was amazing to connect with people who shared my passion for freedom and limited government.

One of the most valuable experiences I had was working for William & Associates, a lobbying firm in Arizona. It was an eye-opening experience to see how the sausage gets made, and how important it is to have strong voices advocating for individual liberty at the policy level.

Since then, I've changed jobs once, but I've always stayed true to my core values. Unfortunately, the Economics for Youth project in Poland was suspended, so I'm not currently involved in any formal organizations. But that doesn't mean I'm sitting on my hands!

I'm a firm believer that the more the government tries to limit me, the louder I need to speak out. That's why I regularly host discussions with my libertarian friends. We share ideas, challenge each other's thinking, and keep the flame of liberty burning bright.

Right now, I'm focusing on learning agile tools so I can make a comeback to the IT industry in a new and exciting role. I'm confident that my skills and experience, combined with my unwavering commitment to freedom, will help me make a real difference in the world.

The future is uncertain, but I'm optimistic. I know that as long as we keep fighting for what we believe in, a free Poland is within reach. So let's keep talking, keep learning, and keep pushing for a brighter future for all!

Yury Terekhov

Class of 2019, Russia

My passion for a free and democratic Russia has been the driving force in my life since I was a teenager. Winning the All-Russian Olympiad in History in 2007 fueled my enthusiasm for understanding the complexities of our nation's past and present. This led me to pursue a degree in Oriental Studies at the prestigious Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in 2011, followed by a Master's degree in International Relations from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow in 2015.

My academic pursuits were complemented by active participation in the Russian opposition movement. As a member of the right-liberal movements Russian Civil Union and National Democratic Alliance, I stood up for my beliefs by participating in protests and rallies, working in election campaigns, and even serving as an international observer in elections abroad. I also played a pivotal role in editing Rufabula, an independent analytical online magazine, until its unfortunate closure by the Russian authorities in 2017.

My determination to contribute to positive change led me to seek international experiences. In 2016, I completed a research internship at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC, followed by research fellowships at the National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry and Americans for Prosperity. These experiences broadened my horizons and exposed me to different perspectives on policy and governance.

In 2017, I joined the Free Russia Forum, an organization dedicated to promoting democracy and human rights in Russia. Since then, I have served as a policy analyst and, more recently, as the coordinator of the Personnel Reserve project, which identifies and nurtures future leaders for a democratic Russia.

Looking ahead, I remain committed to working with the Free Russia Forum to advance the cause of democracy in my homeland. My ultimate goal is to contribute to a peaceful transition to a democratic Russia and, one day, serve as a diplomat representing a free and prosperous nation.

Throughout my journey, I have faced challenges and setbacks, but my unwavering belief in a better future for Russia has kept me going. I am confident that, together with the many dedicated individuals working for a free and democratic Russia, we can achieve our dreams.

Natalia Drozd

Class of 2018, Ukraine

Trading IT for liberty activism fueled my journey. An M.Sc. in hand, I dove into marketing, but my heart yearned for more. Students for Liberty became my platform, igniting a passion for economic freedom and financial literacy among the youth. Project Arizona was a revelation. It redefined my worldview, honed my economic expertise, and empowered me to become a force for change. Confidence gained, I jumped back into Students for Liberty, sharing my newfound knowledge through speaking engagements.
But this is just the beginning. My blog will soon be birthing, bringing economic and financial literacy to the masses. Meanwhile, I continue advocating with Students for Liberty.
The ultimate dream? Earning a Ph.D. in behavioral economics and becoming a torchbearer for free markets in Eastern Europe.

Benjamin Frormann

Class of 2020, Austria

After Project Arizona, I was accepted at the Lauder Business School here in Vienna, where I finished my Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration. Since September, I have now had the pleasure to study at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, pursuing a Master's in Advanced International Studies. As an advocate for individual freedom, I'm a member of the Hayek Institute in Vienna and finished the "Austrian Academy" by the Austrian Institute of Economics and Social Philosophy, gaining an even deeper understanding of free markets in a broader context. And I'm very much thankful for the amazing experience provided by PA.

Andrea Hernandez

Class of 2019, Mexico

Project Arizona wasn't just a program; it was a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. The experience deepened my understanding of liberty, equipped me with invaluable leadership skills, and unveiled the power of entrepreneurship to champion individual freedom. From connecting with inspiring mentors to witnessing the free-market spirit thrive in Arizona, the program left an indelible mark.

Now, fueled by the values instilled in me during Project Arizona, I am currently living in Arizona and working as an Engagement Director for an organization that is a leader in the libertarian community.

Project Arizona offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and shape your future, just like it did for me. Don't wait, seize the chance to build a future grounded in the principles of liberty!

Jolanta Gul

Class of 2023, Poland

My experience with Project Arizona allowed me to immerse myself in American culture and meet inspiring individuals, particularly those with liberal and libertarian views. As a law student, I understand the value of international experience in today's globalized world. Living abroad not only enhances my application by making me a well-rounded candidate, but it also provides an invaluable language learning experience, significantly improving my fluency and communication skills. This is why I actively participate in various university projects focused on international collaboration with scientists and universities worldwide.

Juan Carlos Tibocha Espinosa

Class of 2023, Spain

Project Arizona was a fantastic experience for me and, without a doubt, one of the best experiences in my life. It changed the way I see the world. It not only proved that a free society is possible but also enlightened me on practical steps to achieve it.
I believe that every young leader should experience Project Arizona because it will change them for the better. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where they will meet libertarians worldwide and learn everything they need to create a better future for their societies.

Irakli Iagorashvili

Class of 2023, Georgia

Project Arizona is a game-changer. Witnessing America's pursuit of freedom has fueled my personal fire and my commitment to initiatives like the Ayn Rand Center Georgia. Engaging classes and expert interactions prepared me for my future dream: launching an online School of American Studies in Georgia. But Project Arizona is more than academics. It's cultural immersion – from Sedona's beauty to Halloween thrills and upcoming Broadway and NBA experiences. Every moment expands my horizons and understanding of American life.

This journey has ignited a spark within me. If you share my passion for liberty and making a difference, join me in embracing this incredible opportunity! Let's learn, grow, and together, spark positive change in the world.

Hikaru Ito

Class of 2023, Japan

Traveling broadened my view of freedom, leading me to believe in its unifying power across cultures. Project Arizona provided valuable connections and opened doors to future careers, both domestically and internationally. PA's unique program, like a freedom-focused study abroad, combines academics, leisure, and local immersion, making it a valuable learning experience and a potential springboard for an international career.

Maria Alejandra Londoño

Class of 2022, Columbia

Project Arizona influenced me personally in a way that helped me see other ways of living and filled me with new knowledge about libertarianism and philosophy. You can learn so much from books, so having an in-person experience was terrific. I've been a digital nomad for a couple of years as a project and event manager. Project Arizona also allowed me to improve my networking and other soft skills that impacted my professional life.

Currently, I'm collaborating with Liberty International as the Research Lead for a very interesting project related to digital nomads and taxes. I wouldn't have had this opportunity if it weren't for Project Arizona.

Maria Lobo Murga

Class of 2023, Argentina

Project Arizona 2023 was a transformative immersion into American society and the ideals of liberty. From insightful classes on law, history, and economics to engaging discussions with experts and activists, the program broadened my horizons and ignited a passion for positive change. Interacting with a diverse cohort from around the globe fostered a sense of community and shared purpose. Witnessing the work of organizations like the Goldwater Institute and Acton Foundation provided concrete examples of how to champion individual liberties. Returning to Argentina, I feel empowered to contribute to this movement, fueled by the knowledge, connections, and inspiration gained through Project Arizona.

Liza Przybylska

Class of 2023, Poland

Project Arizona transformed me. My English flourished, and I was inspired by passionate advocates for free markets, individual rights, and personal defense. Witnessing their values in action solidified my belief in a brighter future. Project Arizona wasn't just academics; it was an amazing adventure. The lecturers' passion and curiosity, especially about my views, shone through. Project Arizona was a journey of personal and intellectual growth, reaffirming my dedication to freedom and individual liberty.

Shyranthi Dhurairaj

Class of 2021, Sri Lanka

As a Sri Lankan, I was living in a country that was used as a prime example of a "failing state". After Project Arizona, I got the confidence and a new level of confidence to work in a liberal market think tank to passionately express the liberal policies that would help my country to overcome the turmoil. My experiences from Project Arizona gave me the confidence and knowledge to begin an entire new wing in that think tank to cover a new demography that spoke my mother tongue.

Even though my current obligations made me make a geographical move, I am still connected to that think tank and helping the team that runs that wing now. Project Arizona made me a disciplined activist for those 8 weeks and I can not let go of that passion even when I am far (literally) from my country.

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