Class of 2021: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Project Arizona was held virtually in 2021, with students from four different continents.

The year 2021 was different with the Covid-19 pandemic taking over the world. New restrictions and lockdowns were introduced, international travels were virtually banned, and hunger for freedom training only deepened.

13 candidates from 10 countries and five continents applied for the Project. We have chosen 7 to participate in the Virtual Project Arizona.

That’s why a virtual approach was introduced to Project Arizona. It involved over 2 months of intensive online training and networking, unlike any of the previous editions.  This virtual training was equally valuable and provided our students with gateway training for the 2022 Project Arizona physical participation.

The best students of the 2021 Virtual Project Arizona were invited to our 2022 edition!


  • Education: Students were provided with a variety of different teaching modules, including Creative Writing, the Laissez-Faire Theory, and guest lectures.
  • Networking: They had opportunities to meet several important figures of the liberty movement, including Marcin Chmielowski (Poland), Tomek Kolodziejczuk (Poland), Clint Bolick (USA), Glenn Cripe (USA), Thomas Jenney (USA), Antonio Saravia (USA) and Federico Fernandez (Argentina), but also, our alumni Himanshu Dhingra (India)!


Iase Mamulashvili


Irakli Iagorashvili


Ritik Kumar


Rene Yves Uwayo

Sri Lanka

Shyranthi Dhurairaj


Pablo Zubiate