application process

What do you need to apply for Project Arizona?

So, you fancy the idea of spending a couple of months in the heart of American freedom land but you might think whether you are the right candidate to enroll. It is always worth a try!

But to make it easier for you we described a characteristic of an optimal candidate for Project Arizona. You have a high chance to be accepted if (you):

  • Write and speak English very well;
  • Your age is between 20 and 30;
  • Either still study or graduated from the University-level school;
  • Are involved in students and/or non-profit organization/s;
  • Are interested in making a real change in your country;
  • Are familiar with ideas of economic and individual liberty;
  • Convince us that Project Arizona will make a difference in your career;
  • Are hungry for new experience, meeting new people, and learning new things and habits.

Afraid you don’t meet all the requirements stated above? Do not resign immediately, “impossible” is not in our vocabulary and should not be in yours either. If you have any questions simply fill out our recruitment form below or contact us.

Contact us

First you need to ... apply 🙂

Your first task is to fill out the registration form (at the bottom of this page) by August 25th. It is very important for you to demonstrate your motivation and interest in freedom principles. We will contact the best applicants and invite them for the Skype interview before the end of August.

Over to the Skype interview

We will conduct a Skype interview with you. The talk will be about your participation in the project. We can ask a few questions like: „Why would you like to participate in Project Arizona?”, „What is your familiarity with the ideas of freedom?”, „Which internship provider will be the best for you and why?”. At this point we will try to get to know you better, check your language skills but also match you with the desired internship provider.

Scholarship allocation

10 candidates will have a chance to get to the final stage which is a campaign called Raise Me to the Top (RMTT). At the beginning each candidate selected to RMTT will be awarded a scholarship funded by the Liberty International, Project Arizona’s organizer. Scholarship amounts will be different for each candidate, the decision will be done based on various factors (among others: strength of the application, financial situation of the candidate), and is final.

So, raise ME to the top!

That stage is the essence of the Raise Me to The Top Campaign (RMTT). After you pledge the amount you can pay from your pocket (in the form below) and receive the Liberty International scholarship (stage three), there will be still a need to raise remaining funds. It is simply the difference between the total price of participation ($6500) and combination of what you pledged to pay from your own pocket and the scholarship you received from Project Arizona’s organizer. To illustrate it with an example, let’s say you pledged $2000 to pay from your own pocket and also received $2000 scholarship from us. That means that there is still a need to raise $2500 ($6500 minus $4000). And RMTT is the way to accomplish it.
Raise Me To The Top aim is to promote candidate in his/her own country and beyond it, in order to reach donors and raise the remaining amount. You will have your own place on the RMTT website looking like your own portfolio: showing who are you and why it is worth to support your candidacy for Project Arizona. There will be a special bar showing how much money is already raised. Of course, Project Arizona’s team will be also involved in this process – we will try to find you donors using our own channels. It is not mandatory to raise the whole remaining amount by yourself. But you need to prove that you try hard: write letters to grant-making organizations, reach out to your nation’s diaspora in the United States, be creative. If we see that you are working hard to promote yourself and raise the funds, but you can’t reach the goal, we can always find a way to help. Remember: campaigning is fun! At the end of the campaign we will choose between 6 to 8 people who performed the best during RMTT.

What about flying to the States? 🙂

Every participant of Project Arizona will sign a contract and start a visa process. Project Arizona covers insurance, accommodation, educational programs, all the meetings and Project’s coordination by people on site. Each participant needs to cover his/her visa costs, return flight ticket to the Unites States, food, city transportation and additional trips. As soon as you get visa, we will buy tickets for you.

The next step will be flying to Arizona in January! 🙂