Project Arizona 2022 returned back to Arizona!

As you all remember, despite the tragedy of global pandemics has wreaked on the world population, Project Arizona secured the future of our program, and our Class of 2021 was successfully held on-line as the Virtual Project Arizona (VPA). Yet, the on-line thing was definitely very different to the real Project Arizona experience. Due to heavy COVID-related restrictions, with practically inaccessible US Embassies being our biggest obstacle, we had a very hard recruiting task to overcome. But we have managed and Six most outstanding candidates have been chosen to pursue their Arizonan Dream. 

We are happy that despite the challenges Project Arizona 2022 returned back to Phoenix and was one of the most successful ones, full of positive changes and excitement. Let’s go through this year’s networking meetings, conferences and events!¬†


The educational part of Project Arizona has multiple components, including a variety of classes, seminars, and workshops at Arizona State University. Our students attended following classes at Arizona State University:

Besides the classes at ASU, this year’s participants have an outstanding opportunity to attend a¬†Constitutional Class¬†offered by Justice Clint Bolick, an¬† Associate Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. Justice Bolick co-founded the Libertarian¬†Institute for Justice¬†and has served as Vice President of Litigation at the conservative/libertarian¬†Goldwater Institute.¬†


While accepting a certain level of academic rigor and gaining important life skills can be considered crucial aspects of career preparedness, more and more importance is being placed on the value of experiential learning. Every participant has been placed in a twelve-week internship program at different institutions:

Networking & Volunteering

In Project Arizona, the networking element includes a series of meetings with liberty champions and participation in conferences. This year, we held more than 20 networking meetings with Glenn Cripe, Professor Ross Emmett, Joe Cobb, Marc Victor, Victor Olynik, Alex Kolodin, Alan Korwin , Nick Dranias etc. 

Besides the Networking meetings, we have hosted several events, such as Project Arizona’s Seminar on Free Market Economics; Project Arizona Fundraising Dinner; Seminar of Entrepreneurship by Jan Kuban; Objectivist Seminar organized in partnership with the Prometheus Foundation; Writing workshop by Mary Fellon and  Workshop with Dr. Jeffrey Singer;

As for volunteering, we took part in two main events, ¬†Carlos’ Alfaro Arizona Talks event and America’s Future Foundation event on How the Force Can Fix the World.