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We Secure Future For Freedom

Project Arizona is 5-week long program, based on education and networking, for young, outstanding leaders of global freedom change, which takes place in the beautiful Phoenix. Project Arizona 2024 will take place between October 26th – December 7th, 2024. 10 Best candidates will escape winter in sunny Arizona. These international talents will attend meaningful academic seminars hosted by Project Arizona, in collaboration with local freedom fighters, such as Justice Clint Bolick, Prof. Krystal Slivinski, Prof. Jonathan Barth, Victor Oleynik etc. 

Besides the classes, our participant experience wide-ranging and valuable networking, trips to Grand Canyon, Southern California etc. attending conferences at Arizona State University and more.

You can read more about education and networking down below.  

Our Mission

Education Leads To Change

Our mission is to provide international leaders a life-changing experience that empowers them to become advocates of freedom in their own communities. Our students not only gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty, but also learn how to implement them when they return to their own communities.

Phoenix is a fun city by itself, but living 5-weeks in American South West is a perfect opportunity to explore much more, especially given that Arizona and the surrounding states are having much to offer.

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When I’m writing this words, yesterday we had a meeting with Jon Chisholm- Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and the most important thing- business mentor who wrote an excellent book „Unleash your inner company” which I’m reading at the moment. One of my goal, when arriving to Arizona, was to learn aspect of an entrepreneurship that I asked, but I desire to learn to start my own company right now. Yesterday classes gave me such a new perspective and I’m very grateful that I could meet personally such an interesting and successful character and ask him few personal questions that will guide me to become an entrepreneur.

Tomasz Bethke, PolandProject Arizona 2022

it’s Katya speaking (PA alumna 2020). I want to thank the entire Project Arizona team for evacuating me from my homeland – Ukraine this year, 2022. Now I am in a safe place among a team of international freedom fighters and can work interruptedly for the best of Ukraine. Thank you so much for supporting such an important initiative as Project Arizona. Now I can truly confirm that this project not only transforms but also saves lives. Let’s stay in touch.

Kate Shapovalenko, UkraineProject Arizona 2020

Project Arizona is a unique experience; it is a program that any freedom loving activist should want to do at least once in a lifetime. Arizona is a really wonderful place where individual liberty reigns all across the state, so it has a lot to teach to liberty minded activists that want to see freedom reigning in their homelands as well. Project Arizona perfectly catches all those lessons provided by the State of the Grand Canyon and condenses them in a magical semester full of adventures, education and challenges. These experiences will make you into the leader that freedom needs to win the battle of ideas.

Jorge Galicia, VenezuelaProject Arizona 2019

When talking about liberty, I often get asked: "Could you give an example of a society living by the principles you are preaching?" It is only natural to seek examples of ideas working in the real world, yet those examples aren't always easy to provide. However, having spent three months in Arizona, I believe that now I can talk about having experienced a truly free society. From the kindness, openness and generosity of Arizonian people, I could see and feel how freedom not only gave them wealth, but also shaped their characters. My most important takeout from the Project Arizona is this — the very experience of all the moral values and virtues that the free society allows to flourish.

Krzysztof Moszyński, PolandProject Arizona 2019

At first I was surprised of an idea that I need to raise funds to participate – in Europe you are used to have everything free of charge. But I found out that it is better than a lot of eductional programs that are free. And in terms of ideological shift I think this made more impact on my underlying philosophies and changes my way of viewing the world than anything else

Michal Maljak, CroatiaProject Arizona 2018

Being a very influential person, I feel like Project Arizona contributes a lot to my life. It did not need to change my views completely, but it has definitely deepened my understanding of a free markets and ideas of liberty. I am convinced now that I will be working in this area in future. The Project also showed me the US from its best side with all well organized trips and activities. I can say that it was one of the best and the most influential experiences in my life!"

Anastasia Mykolenko, UkraineProject Arizona 2018

Project Arizona is the biggest adventure of my whole life. Wonderful people, beautiful places, a big collection of memories and new opportunities. Thanks to PA I I am much more open minded. Recently I received a scholarship to attend conference FEECon in Atlanta. It was tremendous! The lectures and panels were so interesting that i did not know what to choose. I am also going to attend Liberty International World Summit in Krakow in August. My life is all about liberty now!"

Karolina Kowacka, PolandProject Arizona 2018

Now I am in Georgia, back to previous life, working, studying, spending time with my friends and enjoying my present. At first sight things did not change dramatically in my life and surroundings, but it is not true. I am a better version of myself, I found new me thanks to project Arizona. This is the honest answer to the question why you guys have to try project Arizona once in your life. Definitely, it is worth to do!

Nutsa Mzhavanadze, GeorgiaProject Arizona 2017

Attend Classes Designed exclusively for Project Arizona

Education is a very important part of Project Arizona. We want students to better understand the history of the place (United States of America) and learn the mechanisms of free market economy that made it prosperous.  In Project Arizona, we have four courses, which will be given twice a week. Please, click on courses, to read more. 

Meet The Best American Freedom Fighters And Learn From Them

During Project Arizona we will be participating in many events, meetings and conferences – all of them are a great opportunity for networking. We also organize our own events — networking meetings and a fundraiser. 

In the past we had a chance to meet David Friedman (economist), Lawrence Reed (Foundation for Economic Education), Ron Paul (Congressman), Arthur Brooks (Entreprise Institute), Darcy Olsen (Generation Justice),

Christina Sandefur (Goldwater Institute), Workshop with Dr. Jeffrey Singer, Writing Workshop with Mary Fallon, Networking Meeting with Professor Ross Emmett, Glenn Cripe, Joe Cobb, Tom Jenney and more.

Bring Back To The Local Community

We believe that living in a community means trying to understand local problems and engage in their solution. That is why we join forces with existing community service providers, particularly the ones who understand the importance of liberty. In the past we cooperated with Americans for Prosperity AZ and Generation Opportunity.

We plan to engage our students to volunteer a few hours a month for their civic activities. From our point of view it is very important to engage our students in such activities, proving that charity can flourish in a free society and exposing them to the culture of compassion.

Countries of Origin


The mission of Liberty International is to bring liberty to every corner of the world by engaging a thriving global network through conferences, camps, and curricula, in order to educate and instill within their constituents the spirit, motivation, and camaraderie to become change agents in their own countries as well as in the United States.
Liberty International was one of the very first liberty movement organizations to penetrate Eastern Europe, before and after the fall of Berlin Wall. Because of its unique, compassionate messaging and ability to work within authoritarian regimes, Liberty International managed to ship books, pamphlets, and other publications into risky environments including Poland, Czechoslovakia and pre-reform China.

Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation is an independent non-profit organization whose aim is to create a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. FEF was established in September 2012 to provide students with new solutions in education.
Teaching in a spirit of individual freedom and responsibility is the core of our mission. But our new approach is not only about content; we aim to deliver knowledge and practical tools students can apply in their everyday lives. Thanks to the broad scholarship offer for the best graduates, we are helping them to advance their careers. By preparing them to become leaders and entrepreneurs, we want to make Poland, Europe and the whole world a more free and business friendly place.


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