Tomasz Bethke

As we are always oriented towards international variety and our mission is to contribute in pushing freedom around the globe, we welcome our next participant from Europe, specifically from Poland, Tomasz Bethke.

Tomasz is 24 years old, and he considers himself a paleo-libertarian with strong ties to the Austrian School of Economics that he enthusiastically supports. He especially admires the fact that ASE is a highly individual-focused school of economics, rooted in human action. Tomasz helds the title of Bachelor of Finances and Accounting, and right now he is pursuing master degree in tax advisory. Tomasz follows the “taxation is theft” principle and believes that by giving people advice on limiting the tax damage he can help them to protect a bit of freedom.

The best way to describe his character is to say that he loves to learn.  “I like to learn new things. I’m buying more books than I am able to read. I love travelling and networking, because, in my opinion, respect and relationships are the strongest currency and the best investment.’’