Shyranthi Dhurairaj

Get to know me

I remember drawing up factories that pollute river ways, emitting smoke that pollutes the air and it will look ugly with grey walls. After so many years I clearly see how my childhood was influenced by the government printed textbooks that implanted the idea that private enterprises and private factories are bad for us.

No wonder my fellow citizens in Sri Lanka are so dependent on the government facilities for a living. From youth who depend on government jobs to old citizens who depend on government for the social security schemes. Rather than just regulating the market, the state has enough power to interfere into the daily lives of people. In return the lack of political stability has been affecting the stability of the government as a whole, that holds back my country from where it is supposed to be.

This point where change has to happen is where My love for policy making starts. From being a kid who drew ugly factories, I am sitting drawing up policies that make the factories beneficial to the people and to the state. Arizona Project 2021 is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge to become a policy maker that Sri Lanka needs.