Salomón Salazar De la Rosa

Another great example of the South American libertarian revival is Salomón Salazar De la Rosa, a young Colombian pro-liberty writer. Salomon was born in Bogota, and he is majoring in Liberal Studies. His path through the ideas of liberty started three years ago when he read Ludwig von Mises´ “Planned Chaos.”  As he asserts, from that moment his life and mindset changed completely. Salomon started to write about the importance of economics and individual freedom for several journals and independent media. It brought him some awards and recognitions but also a great deal of criticism and even censorship. But his straightforward and hardworking nature was not shaken by this fact, and he is actively participating in different libertarian activities.

Salomon is also passionate about anthropology, sociology, and cultural and social changes; Solomon said, ‘’I strongly believe that the fundamentals of economics are human action and time, and aspects such as love, emotions, religious beliefs, and social background play a crucial role in enhancing social and economic growth.’’