Ritik Kumar

Get to know me

I grew up in an environment where we were taught in schools, at home, and in society that good government can change our lives. Government regulations can make society discipline and the state uses force for the betterment of its citizens. We were taught by society that capitalists are thieves. Bollywood portrayed them as a class that murders the poor, and exploits them. Family and Relatives asked us to surrender our happiness for the so-called moral standards set by them. The state is always misusing their power to suppress dissent and take away religious freedom. A society where governments don’t miss a chance to take political advantage by spreading communal hatred. A system in which still governments have a monopoly on major businesses that are not even properly managed. I was always a rebellion to these ideas, big governments, and government interference, but I found myself trapped in a cage where every other pigeon is shouting government is great. It was only after entering college I found about libertarianism as a principle. I began reading libertarian literature and started discussing it with my friends. One of my friends then told me about students for liberty, and I joined them as a local coordinator. After joining SFL, I conducted so many events, meet many libertarians from all over the globe. I realized one thing that although we believe in the same ideology, the meaning of liberty differs for each of us depending on our region, beliefs, and individual preferences. I believe in the ‘learn, discuss and preach’, approach for spreading an ideology. I applied to Project Arizona with the same aim- To learn more about libertarian principles, discuss them with other mates of the program and then preach them in my country with an aim to spread libertarian values.