Precious Muogbo

Get to know me

‚One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity’-make up the last lines of my country’s anthem. It was the first harmony which wrapped my head around what was missing, and reflected what

an ideal society should be like for me. The duty to painstakingly memorize it’s lyrics-thanks to preschool, was a pointer to the fact that change does not roll on the wheels of the inevitable but through little, consistent struggles.
As I learnt to think and act independently, I became aware of the need to create sustainable solutions to practical human problems through selfless service. This formed my earnest conviction that society would remain stagnant until it’s leaders are awoken to limitless prospects in an enabling environment, none of which can happen with the culture of totalitarianism and tyranny in my society.

My advocacy for Liberty strengthened my resolve, and was the first step into realizing that prosperous economies were not illusory but, practicable especially in a developing country like mine. Four years down this liberating road, I’ve blossomed from the ‘girl next door’ into an intuitive leader, who is willing to proffer sustainable solutions to engender societal progress.

It was Martin Luther King Jr who said; ‚Our lives begin to end when we become silent about the things that matter’. This is what spurs me to lead bold changes in my environment. In the end, I believe that unarmed truth, and the passion which guides my actions to create a freer society would build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.