Pablo Zubiate

Get to know me


I am Pablo Zubiate, a young lawyer from Peru. For many years, I have been preparing myself to bring changes that improve my country and the world. Years of studies and preparation guided my path to add to the development in some moment of the history.

However, the actuality imposes on us a previously unplanned challenge: too much public spending together to authoritarian and populist governments that do not respect our more essentials rights threaten our weak Latin American democracy. And the responsible youth can’t run away from her.

Taking on this huge challenge implies responsibility, dedication and a firm commitment to freedom and its values.

For this reason, it is my wish to be part of the Project Arizona, a space for the formation of world leaders capable of defending freedom in all settings, and making it theirs as a life commitment.

I want to direct my path towards the search for solutions that generate progress and development for the countries of Latin America and the world. And I need you, I need your help, your encouragement and your motivation. Money is important, it’s true, but even if you don’t have it, I ask you to help me in this task of bringing a message of peace and freedom to all nations, starting with your family, your neighborhood and your city.

The time is now. A message of peace and actions for freedom are our task.

History is written by the courage of the brave.

Pablo Zubiate