Maria Alejandra Londoño

Continuing introductions of young Latin American freedom leaders, we are moving on to our 3rd scholar, María Alejandra Londoño, a Colombian activist and business coach with more than four years of experience advising companies and people in different industries. She is passionate about business, balanced life, and most importantly, human liberty.

Maria Alejandra was the main host of the Liberty International World Conference 2021 in Medellin (Colombia) where the world’s most innovative libertarian minds connected and created lifelong friendships! Maria graduated with a degree in Finance and International Trade and a minor in Humanities. She is also an Alumna of The Fund for American Studies. Additionally, she is a founder of the Bogota – Colombia Chapter of Lola – Ladies of Liberty Alliance, a network of independent, libertarian women leaders whose careers and/or personal endeavors are dedicated to spreading the ideas of individual liberty and a free society.  Maria Alejandra was also a director of the Libertarian Movement in Colombia from 2018 to 2020, and she is currently collaborating with the Live and Let Live Movement as a communications associate.