Iase Mamulashvili

Get to know me

I am Iase Mamulashvili and I come from a post-soviet country – Georgia, which has historically seen harsh times beyond counting and we as a society had to fight for freedom as far as the perception of our history goes. We have won countless battles on the way to freedom and are continuing to do so today as well. The Georgian language is one of the oldest in the world with its unique alphabet. We have a word for freedom – αƒ—αƒαƒ•αƒ˜αƒ‘αƒ£αƒ€αƒšαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ (tavisufleba) – the word for word translation is as follows – self-right. By definition it means β€œthe right to your own self”. I think this is a beautiful way to explain freedom in one word.

To me freedom means, the right and power over yourself, your life, your body and mind. A free person is the Creator of his or her own destiny. A human conceptually is born free, but even so, frequently, we as human beings need to speak, discuss, debate and fight for it. Without this highest of values, we cannot be individuals and we cannot be unique. If this is the case, then we deprive ourselves the opportunity to strive for expanding our limits and reaching our full potential as individuals.

The fact that only we ourselves have influence over our own actions, in itself imposes responsibility on the decisions and actions we take. Consequently, being free means taking responsibility in the face of society and the environment while exercising these freedoms. The responsibility, expectations, risks and benefits that this or that action will lead to are determined on the basis of public and individual morality.

That is why, in my opinion, freedom does not exist without responsibility, and the nature of the responsibility is determined by morality. These three pillars – freedom, responsibility, and morality – are closely intertwined with each other and they are an integral part of any cultural, development-oriented society which is based on the ideals of kindness. I am sure this is the kind of society we all want to build in any of our countries, regions and in any social unity.

Only a society created by free people has the power to create responsible and morally justified benefits and growth throughout the whole society.

If you agree with my view on the interrelationship of these fundamental principles and their importance to society, then I would like to introduce myself as your comrade-in-arms in spreading the idea of ​​freedom. Through me, I would like to give you a chance to contribute to the achievement of this goal, if you have the trust to count me as your representative on this difficult and challenging path to freedom.

Today I have an exceptional opportunity to gain outstanding experience and knowledge by working in one of the few companies involved in the study and distribution of the ideas of freedom in Arizona, USA for 4 months. I have received partial funding for this purpose from Liberty International and now, the remaining funds to be raised amount to $ 2,000. I am ready to approach each financial donation in such a way as to receive as much motivational energy from it as you have spent earning it and to use the acquired knowledge and experience during these 4 months to participate in the creation of a truly free and prosperous society.

I want to thank you and give you hope that no obstacle on the way to freedom is insurmountable.