Luis Pedro Santis


I grew up in Mazatenango and developed myself as a normal child. I had my friends from the block with whom I used to ride my bike. I could study English in high school. I  participated in several activities where I could develop my leadership skills. My father taught me to read poetry in public and my mom taught me to be on stage since I was a child. Then, I was the main leader of my middle school students organization, in high school I represented my school in a Spanish contest throughout the country and then everything seemed to be perfect until I started my journey to the university. 

My parents didn’t let me study Communications nor drama since my dad had a lot of struggles being a radio broadcaster and one of my cousins got murdered since he was a news reporter investigating a political murder case. Nowadays they are still afraid of me communicating the ideas of liberty since they don’t want me to die.  

I started studying acting and theater production in 2011. I could act in some movies and some plays, but the one that actually changed my life was the night of January 16th by Ayn Rand where I played the role of Elmer Sweeney in 2013 in UFM university in Guatemala city.  I didn’t know Ayn Rand was going to be my leader to the path of liberty a couple of years later. 

“It was thanks to SFL and Rand’s ideas of rational egoism that I could grow individually”

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