Irakli Iagorashvili


My name is Irakli Iagorashvili. I was born and raised in Georgia during the transformative years of the Rose Revolution, witnessing the positive impact of free market reforms on our flourishing country.

I am a graduate of Ilia State University in Georgia. Additionally, I have studied at both Castleton University and the University of Glasgow, each for a semester.

At the age of 18, I became involved in the liberty movement, driven by a desire to defend and promote the principles of freedom. It was during one of the conferences that I stumbled upon a book by Ayn Rand, a pivotal moment that completely changed my life. Discovering a compelling, fact-based, and powerful case for capitalism in her writings, I realized the immense value of Objectivism. Motivated by this newfound perspective, I embarked on a mission to introduce and propagate Rand’s ideas in Georgia, aiming to challenge the prevailing leftist ideologies and foster a better intellectual environment.

In 2020, I took the initiative and founded the Ayn Rand Center Georgia. Since then, I have been actively promoting Rand’s ideas throughout the country. This includes translating articles, delivering engaging talks to diverse audiences, organizing events, hosting podcasts, recording videos, and much more.

Project Arizona represents an extraordinary opportunity for me to further develop my leadership abilities, establish valuable professional connections, and expand my knowledge. It is a way through which I can grow as a Think Tank leader, enabling me to make a lasting impact.

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