International bank wire

Please wire the amount you wish to support us with to the USD bank account of Project Arizona’s organizer — Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation from Poland.

Transfer title: Donation for Project Arizona

Name: Fundacja Wolnosci i Przedsiebiorczosci

Address: Asnyka str. 6, 40-696 Katowice, Poland

IBAN: PL 79 1140 2017 0000 4212 0125 8060


Bank Name: mBank Bankowosc Detaliczna BRE Banku SA

Bank Address: Skrytka pocztowa 2108, 90-959 Lodz, Poland

Tax deductible support through Liberty International

We encourage you to grasp the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation. It can be done thanks to the cooperation with our wonderful partner, Liberty International. How to do it? Just go to Whenever yo would like to send donation towards Liberty International and Project Arizona simply describe it in your bank transfer. We will get 100% of your donation and you will get a portion of your taxes back!