Raise Me to the Top Fundraising Campaign's goal is to send 10 selected, ambitious, hard-working and freedom-loving young people for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change their lives. They will live in Arizona, interning full-time in the finest American companies, think-tanks, law firms, having face-to-face conversations with key people in the state, and studying at the second largest university in the United States.

However, they will not make it without your help.

The obvious question you might ask yourself now is: why would I support these individuals? Treat it as an investment. In future generation of freedom leaders who come to Arizona to learn how free society operates and to take these lessons back home to their communities. We understand it is all about outcomes and support our students not only during Project Arizona but also after it. There are wonderful fruits of Project Arizona 2017-2019 already happening (such as Arizona book project, Free Lessons of Economics at Polish National Stadium, project of a new libertarian newspaper) and there will be more of them. Inspiration matters and that is a key element of our strategy – to inspire these young talents that freedom can truly work, it is not just theory from books we all admire.

Entire amount of raised money will be dedicated for individual scholarships. Each student has a separate virtual fundraising wallet showing how much more he or she needs to raise. If you wish to leave the decision about the best usage of raised money to the organizers – please support the General Fund for Project Arizona 2020. In order to do so, please just click on the DONATE button and follow the instructions. Thank you!

What is included in the scholarship amount? 

The sum of 6500 USD of scholarship covers:

  • Flight tickets
  • Accomodation
  • ASU seminar
  • Insurance
  • Daily manager assistance
  • "Meet Arizona" networking series

What if the candidate doesn't manage to raise the whole crowdfunding amount? 

Raise Me to the Top campaign is a final exam for our candidates. We are going to evaluate their involvement and decide who will be the final participant. We will also ask each contributor of a specific candidate if we can move the funds to another candidate's account.

Find out more about our Candidates:

Andrea Hernandez

Jorge Andrés Galicia Rodríguez

Łukasz Czekaj

Kaamala Neupane

Mariya Kapinos

Yury Terekhov

Krzysztof Moszyński

Dr Binay Kumar Panjiyar

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