My name is Pablo Garcia Quint

My name is Pablo Garcia, and I am a 20 years old Bolivian college student. Most of my life poverty, sadly a very widespread problem in my country, has worried me. Probably because of that I decided to study Economics, so that I could help solve it. But at college I soon realized that most of my classes and professors had a very cold and formal approach to economics, as if it is supposed to be a natural science more than a social science.
Luckly, in my first year at college (2017) I met a teacher unlike the others, his name is Jorge Velarde Rosso. After talking his class he invited me to LIBERA’s Leadership Incubator. Its mission is to engage young people to promote a fairer Bolivia. One of the reasons I decided to dedicate my time to LIBERA was because they had a different approach to the problems that concerned me about Bolivia; poverty, corruption, interventionism among others. Freedom principles were the core of LIBERA. This was new to me! As I got more involved I realized the impact freedom ideas and especially free market economy can have with underdeveloped countries like Bolivia. Now I’m its youngest junior research fellow. Most of the research and work we do is centered on entrepreneurial solutions to poverty. Given this context, to spread freedom ideas requires a lot of training. Project Arizona will help me improve my skills in free markets economy and in a near future help to change Bolivian society. I would like to see my country thrive so it can offer a better standard of living for its citizens.
Thanks to your help raising me to the top of this last stage of Project Arizona I’m sure I can make a difference because I am ready to take the initiative and start a change in Bolivia.

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