My name is Nene Kolbaia

My name is Nene Kolbaia and I’m a 20 year-old student from Georgia, Tbilisi.

At the age of seven, I got interested in politics, because my mother has been working for Georgian parliament for over 15 years now. I grew up in an activist society, when people were protesting political issues all the time and my first activism was at age of 12, when I started to collect signatures, because government started to build residential complex on school land. Even so this protest was too late, it made me realize that I have power to change things I don’t like and my next activism was productive. Me and my classmates organized anti-bullying day to support its victims. After that, every year my school celebrates that day and till now I feel very proud! Being in high school besides my activism, I volunteered for sports event ,Tbilisi 2015 and Tblisi 2016, because except education and networking, I think that healthy lifestyle and sport is also very important.

After years of hard work, self-development and discovery, and a bit of courage, I realized my dream is to become someone, who is strong and educated enough to make changes in my country. I started to take part in lots of activities and projects, such as ,,International financial congress”, ,,security perspectives in Eurasian Regional context”, ,,New leaders initiative” and etc.

My last and probably the most important activity I have done, is youth party ,,Change’’. Me and my peers decided to form movement which will protest against everything we think is anti-liberal. We see that our government forgot that we are the government, we have chosen them for our goods and that freedom of expression is particularly important for human freedom and democratic development of society, so we organize protests such as ,,Stop occupation”, ,,Women equality” , ,,free television” and etc.

Therefore, I think that participation in project Arizona will give me the most important experience to understand what freedom and liberty is on free land, take from their experience as much as I can to implement them in my country!

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