My name is Myra Huang

I am a 22-years-old student, volunteer, entrepreneur, freedom fighter living in China under a socialist authoritarian dictatorship.

During my undergraduate years, I majored in International Economics and Trade and minored in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Wuhan University, China. I participated in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fundamentals and Global Immersion summer school at Duke University last summer, learning a lot about entrepreneurship. Now, I am working on my master degree in International Economics and Trade.

I used to be a liberal activist

As far as I concerned, people have right and chances to pursuit freedom and a better life, human rights are our most precious asset, and we must not only cherish them, but defend them. For helping more people to lead a better life and become more complete, more independent and freer individuals, I participated in many volunteer activities and social researches.

I founded two non-profit organizations. The first one is called Shanshui Zhixing, established in October 2015 by me. I led the team to know the left-behind children’s educational situation, whose parents are not with them, by becoming a volunteer teacher in rural primary school and master their lives condition through visiting their houses lay on different and far mountains. We matched one-on-one pen pals for 100 undergraduates and left-behind children, so that they can help children with studies, interests, lives and so on. We also created our own website and psychological research group. The second one is Shanchengchuan Culture and Technology co. LTD, established in 2018. I Went to Thailand and Cambodia alone to get to the local farmers, principals and the chiefs of poor villages, integrated all resources to carry out In-depth Experience Rural Tours to help increase the income of local farmers. And used the power of tourists to solve some local problems. I want more Chinese students to travel abroad to learn about different cultures, to know different nationalities, to eliminate prejudice, and to avoid being blinded by nationalism because they are locked in China.

I am a liberal learner

It was in a macroeconomics class that I first learned about Hayek. I read Keynes v Hayek, was impressive on Hayek's views, and started to learn free economy and liberalism on my own since all schools do NOT offer courses about Austrian economics and liberalism in China. Later, I attended Liberty International World Conference 2019 in Mongolia and got to many lectures about liberalism and free economy, which benefited me a lot. After that, I participated in the 10th Annual Summer Seminars of Austrian Economics Scholars for a week at Northeastern University, where I studied Austrian economics more systematically.

I want to be a liberal advocate

Now, I really want to participate in Project Arizona, so that I can further study about freedom and have the opportunity to spread liberalism to more people in the future, including Chinese, who don't know it but need it very much. And I strongly believe I can make it with your help.

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