Kira Gilson

Get to know me

Hello, my friend. My name is Kira, and I’m on a path to help people & the planet. I’m raising funds up to $6,500 for a special University Semester through ‘Project Arizona.’ This project offers many internship and networking opportunities, as a one-time semester for chosen students. It’s very exciting.

I’m 26, in college (Baccalaureate) learning about Business, Law, and Non-Profit Fundraising. I’ve had an unusual path in life which has often taken me through times of learning by being in society, helping others, and traveling to meet like minded people who care about liberty.

I have a vision. I feel great sympathy for humanity. My vision is to help create ‘institute of justice’-types of organizations on every continent, eventually every country. So, before I talk about the University of Arizona, I want to share these ideals. I hope to get myself and others together for the goal to help people empower their own communities through education, peace, and philosophical tools.

I know there are a lot of brilliant people who are looking for liberty, but they often need help in founding their own institutions which will elevate human rights in their communities. Many of them need help raising funds and getting their efforts in front of people, globally, to showcase the journey of peace. I can’t quite help them yet on this massive scale, but I hope one day I’ll be able to.

I’ve felt inspired by what I’ve seen in my life. Before going into college, I was back-packing in the United States for 2 years. In my teen years, and prior to this, I’ve been involved in many volunteer projects, conventions, and events. I’ve visited half of the states in the USA, re-tracing history by visiting museums, and also discovering the stories of people from all walks of life, today. I’ve also briefly visited Europe to study history and the humanities. Of the last 2 decades, I’ve grown up seeing conferences for liberty and Libertarianism, as well as attending independent student conferences with groups like the Foundation for ‘Economic Education,’ and ‘Students For Liberty’ while I’ve been in college. It’s truly given me the perspective that being proactive about solving social issues is a good way to live.

I’m still in college and growing as a person. I’m currently learning about ‘management and organizational leadership’ in my B. A. S. degree path. In the future I plan to study federal law, take the bar exam, and get a J.D. (Juris Doctorate.) My intent is that through my career path, I’ll have a great toolbox of skills to draw upon so that these ideas of liberty can materialize.

If this sounds exciting to you, keep reading. Now, at this time I’m only a student, and my finances are limited because I have to focus more on full-time college than I can working. You can help me, and help others involved in the project.

Most recently for me, while I was looking to the future: I had applied for, and was then offered, an opportunity to join a group of Globe-Traveling Students & Alumni.  To me this is amazing and a chance to meet a lot of people who can help me get closer to my vision of helping the world. This is Project Arizona.

In 2021, I and other students hope to meet up for a 3 month long student group, taking weekly classes at ASU as part of this non-profit academic project. For me to join, I will need your help getting there. Through Project Arizona’s sponsors, they cover a significant portion of costs, including lodging, classes, and networking events. I need to raise enough to cover the remaining tuition, as well as have funds to afford to travel, cover rent back at home, and pay for basic personal items while visiting Arizona.

My classmates will be international students who are visiting to learn and soak in the experience of camaraderie with young innovators and freedom-thinkers. Project Arizona means being able to meet up for 3 months, dorm together, take courses together, and get the chance to meet freedom activists, journalists, businesspeople, political figures, and others. It opens the door to very unique internship opportunities for everyone involved, and we all get the chance to network in the student group, because we come from around the world.

I hope you can see that I would be blessed by the chance to attend this in 2021. It’s helpful to me because I think of using

I have a lot to learn and I’ve been humble and getting through many journeys in a simple manner, with the kindness of the universe. Often while facing larger-than-life circumstances that have shown me very much about humanity. I’ve been an observer and long living to take in knowledge.

I decided that I can one day truly use knowledge to help people in material, meaningful ways. Because of this, I’ve dedicated time in my future to try and take the paths that will be best for making such a difference.

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