My name is Kate Shapovalenko

Since my early student years, I have been interested in making a real change in my country. A nation-wide Revolution of Dignity mobilized many civil society activists and me in particular. While being a sophomore student I joined a Ukrainian free-market think tank EasyBusiness with the aim to create a better business-enabling environment in Ukraine. First, as an Economic Analyst Intern at EasyBusiness NGO, I started working on the implementation of a free farmland market in Ukraine. I was impressed that Ukraine is one of the 4 countries with a ban on farmland sales that violates property rights of 6 million landowners and restricts the exponential economic growth. Notably, this year our team was awarded a Europe Liberty Award 2019 for advancing liberal values in Ukraine.

In the middle of my career in our think tank, I was competitively selected to the cohort of 6 international students who joined the Fellowship Program at Harvard University. As a Policy Fellow, I run a research project and studied the effectiveness of institutional reforms in my home country. Communication with Harvard professors and global policy leaders significantly strengthened my interest in public policy and motivated for further achievements. After returning to Ukraine I continued working on new projects supporting pro-liberal reforms in Ukraine.

My work in the Ukrainian think tank parallels with the activism in the Atlas Network, a global network of more than 450 free-market organizations in over 90 countries. I am a frequent participant in events that unite young leaders from all over the world and facilitate a powerful exchange of ideas.

I continue harnessing new knowledge and now I am taking MicroMaster program at the MIT in Data, Economics, and Development Policy. I believe it will give me new tools for implementing data-driven policy based on the free-market principles.

I genuinely enjoy observing the impact I am doing in my country. It is definitely worth days and sleepless nights of work. However, it is the nature of humans to strive for more. That is why I am inspired to become the next Liberty Activist in Project Arizona. It will definitely mark a new stage in my development and help to better contribute to pro-liberal reforms in Ukraine.

Thank you:)

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