Jazmin Rodriguez Moro

Get to know me

I’m Jazmin Moro, 21 years old born in Argentina with an Italian citizenship thanks to my grandparents. Nevertheless, I would like someday to live in Europe. I might leave my boyfriend and family for a better life.

I have been a libertarian activist since I was 16 years old in high school. I participated in debates, political parties and opening up public events.  I realised there’s no point in being idealistic forever and the best way to add value to society it’s the free market. As a libertarian, I would like to be a business owner in the future and study marketing, as I have no wish to work in politics, academia or the government.

I want to fund this study trip by myself to learn the value of a free-market economy in social media.

Furthermore, I stand for the decriminalization of underground markets such as drugs and gun ownership, small government and free enterprise economy. I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

If you want to help to end socialism in South America, participate now with your grain of salt.