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Many people say that freedom is the most valuable asset that one can have. People from all backgrounds, right-wing or left-wing, claim that freedom must be protected at all costs. However, when there is an actual need for protection, most of them choose not to get involved. They refrain from leaving their comfort zones. The reason is simple. There is a widespread trend of appreciating freedom verbally without actually feeling the importance of it.

However, I have always realized how essential individual freedom is for a person. It is not because I was raised reading John Locke or John Stuart Mill. In fact, I have not heard of them until my graduation year in high school. But, I have heard the stories about the three ancestors of mine. All of them were the victims of the ruthless Soviet regime.

My great-grandfather, Ivane Nachkebia, was a wealthy peasant during the years of the Russian Empire. He had a large cattle stock, several men and women working for him, and lived a peaceful life. However, in 1921, when the Red Army invaded Georgia, the Bolsheviks seized all his possessions, including his large house. The house was divided equally among his employees. He was given one small room in the house that he has built. Sixteen years later, in 1937, his son Samson Nachkebia was executed for the conspiracy against the state. However, the only reason for his brutal murder was that his cousin was Trotskyist. Several years later, Samson’s son (my grandpa) Otar Nachkebia was exiled in Siberian work camps(gulags) for fifteen years for a minor charge. He was eighteen years old at the time.

Growing up and hearing all these stories of state oppression and tragedies that the Soviet regime brought upon my family, I did not need to read any works of famous authors to appreciate the significance of individual freedom. It was entrenched in my mind long before I read Locke or Mill. Therefore, soon after I graduated from high school, I started searching for ways to make a change in my society which was still healing from the wounds inflicted by the Soviet regime. I became a local coordinator for international libertarian NGO Students for Liberty. Since then, I have organized several events that promote freedom values among young students. These events are one of the many ways by which I can make a difference.

Similarly, I strongly believe that being a winner of Project Arizona will be a huge step for me as a fighter for liberty. Spending a semester as an intern in libertarian think tanks will be an opportunity that I will cherish for a lifetime. It will be an experience that I will use to be more active and efficient in fighting against the acts that violate the freedom of individuals.

Therefore, I am asking everyone who believes that I deserve to participate in the project, to donate to my profile and Raise me to the Top!