My name is Himanshu Dhingra

A self-reliant, entrepreneurial fifth-year law student, stirred by the ideals of liberty, and currently working with India’s leading libertarian public policy think tank and volunteering with Student for Liberty.

A would-be-first-generation graduate from a small town in Haryana, I am now settled in New Delhi, India. After my father’s demise in 2011, while I was 15 years old, I began to offer tuition to secondary school students to support my academics. In 2014, I enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in law, a five-year integrated program at I.M.E. Law College supported by a bank loan. I am currently in my final year of law program.

I joined the Centre for Civic Society (CCS) as a law intern in 2016. After four months, I was offered a position of Executive Assistant to the Associate Director of Advocacy while I was still studying law as a third-year student. In 2017, I was promoted to Executive Assistant to the President.

Apart from secretarial assistance to the President, my current role at CCS involves project monitoring, donor engagement and scouting for new funders. I also assisted the research team in mining data through news research and the information disclosure law for two projects: the implementation of street vending law and the regulatory closure of private schools.

Working with CCS was an eye-opener. It exposed me to the foundations of liberalism and now I understand the significance of individual choice and accountability better. Thanks to CCS, I connected with South Asia Students for Liberty (SASFL), an international organisation with a vision for freer future and served them as a Senior Local Coordinator. Among other things, these two opportunities enabled me to question the claims of public policy and look beyond its intended implications on real people.

Project Arizona is a tremendous opportunity with a two-fold impact in furtherance of my personal interest and career. One, the internship will help me hone my legal, management and communication skills. Being a cross-cultural experience, it will expose me to diverse practices. Two, most Indian universities tend to favour leftist scholars and thinkers and exclude others in their curricula. Political economy and political philosophy are not part of my law school curriculum. Whatever I have learnt so far was through my job at CCS. The academic seminars will be a great opportunity to learn the intricacies of political economy and political philosophy in a formal setting.

In the next two years, I wish to take my legal and management skills to the next level. While I have focused on project monitoring and fundraising in the last years, I have also contributed to research projects. My goal is to manage and lead a research project start to finish in the next two years. I believe the training will be a learning accelerator; it will groom me for both management and thought leadership.

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-> Recommendation letter from Parth Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society

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