My name is Franklin Camargo

My name is Franklin Andrés Camargo Armas, I was born on December 5 in Táriba. My parents taught me the virtue of self-sufficiency. My father is an economist and classic liberal, my mother has a degree in Education. However, my family lost everything because of socialism and the collectivist philosophical ideal that buried individual liberties in Venezuela. Observing the constant deterioration of my country as a result of socialist policies, I began my formation and activism for the ideas of freedom.
I began my university studies in 2 0 1 6 in the Experimental University of the Central Plains, in the career of Medicine. After a short time, I observed how atrocious collectivist ideas were introduced in those classrooms. Faced with this, I opposed it. I, one more victim, rebelled against the Marxist indoctrination exercised by allies of Nicolas Maduro's regime, and on January 2 5, 2 0 1 9 I was expelled from my 3 rd year of Medicine, after that, intensely harassed and threatened. I received accusations of all kinds and right now, I am in exile in the United States of America.
I'm a young man with a passion for individualism. I consider him the only moral philosophical basis, and also pragmatically successful. I have dedicated myself to the study of ideas of freedom, and I consider that with discipline, perseverance, effort and talent I have managed to position myself as a great leader. This thirst to learn I apply in all areas, I was an excellent student of Medicine and right now, in the last three months I have devoted myself to an intense study of English, I have learned a lot and every week I am better.
Project Arizona represents one of the most prestigious leadership programs around the world. I would be pleased to receive the rewarding experience of receiving academic training that corresponds to the ideas of freedom. It will be in me, forever, a guide for my political leadership that I will develop in the United States of America and of course, in the near future, in my Venezuelan country. The Founding Fathers of the United States, 2 3 8 years ago, reflected on the disastrous results of previous systems of government and projected a philosophically individualistic Republic where the government was not master, but servant of individuals; I will work hard not only to spread these ideas, as I have done in recent years, but also to transform Venezuela into a free nation under the principles of the Founding Fathers, who turned the United States into the first free country and later, the richest and most powerful.

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