My name is Estefania Sandoval

I am 23 years old. I am from Quito, Ecuador.

I got my B.A. Degree last year in International Relations and made a minor in Political Science. I am looking to be part of Project Arizona 2020. First of all, let me tell you a little about me, my libertarian ideas and about Ecuador.

In the year 2014, I started my first semester of college and there´s where all begins. I had a professor called Juan Fernando Carpio and in one of his first classes, he showed us a short but very powerful essay, it was called “I pencil” from Leonard Read. With it, he recalled the importance of the free markets and the way we all work together as part of a “spontaneous order” to achieve goals, construct, improve and create amazing things that can be as “simply” as a pencil. He was my first mentor about free market. Since then, I have never stopped of being an active promotor of the ideas of liberty here in Ecuador. After that in the year 2015, I joined a NGO called “Student For Liberty” where our main goal was to introduce and promote all the of these libertarian ideas through the Ecuadorian universities.

By 2017, I became a formal member of a think tank called “Libre Razón”. We are looking to promote our values, ideas and to share the knowledge we have acquired. There, we all help with the current projects and keep working together in order to make the Ecuador a better and more free place to be. Our biggest project in the year 2018 was called “Rostros del comercio informal” , for it, we were inspired by the unnecessary bureaucracy of the state. This year the project was called “Observatorio del Tamaño del Estado” and this time our inspiration was the enormous and inefficient size of the state.

I truly and faithfully believe in:

-Free Markets


-Freedom of speech

-Private Property

I do believe in “individualism” and all of the responsibility that we all as individuals have. For example, I have volunteer in the year 2016 after the earthquake we had. Worked with down syndrome children and put my effort in generating conscience about the importance of being responsible of our acts and decisions. The “Freedom of speech” was perhaps, the most vulnerable value by the last government. Everyone that said or do something against the government was considered as dangerous enemy of the state. That was the excuse behind a lot of coercive actions. The press was forced to publish what the government wanted, and to lie in many cases on favor of the state. The private journalists that dared to expose the government were threatened, exposed, humiliated and demanded by the state by ridiculous damages and forced to pay extremely high atonements. In the case of “private property” as one of the core values of liberty. It is also the easy way to explain the reasons behind our ideology. It empowers people, encourage them to be better and to keep working.

About Ecuador, in the year 2008 a new government took the lead of our state. The president wanted to incorporate de XXI Century Socialism. Therefore, he made the state as big as he could, created a lot of useless institutions, raised taxes for everything and gave the state some companies to manage. He sold beforehand oil and became indebted with extremely high interests. His ideology was hardly shaped by Fidel Castro, Marx, H. Chavez and Keynes.

Project Arizona is a wonderful program to learn and sharp our skills. I am aware that knowledge is powerful weapon to be used and to open our way to the best version of Ecuador and the world that we have never seen nor heard yet. I want to keep working and learning and now I am at the third and last phase that is called “Raise me to the Top” . No matter which government nor the authoritarian regime nor even people do against us, he have succeed in many battles. Our voice has been heard and our beliefs shared and trusted. I hope you help me to promote and keep sharing liberty ideas. Therefore, I count on you to keep fighting and resisting against everyone that dares to violate any liberty nor rights. I want a different Ecuador even though we have a lost decade we can improve, but, for doing that we have to change the perspective of the Ecuadorian society. Please help me to improve my knowledge and keep moving towards the world we want to see.

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