Mikołaj Bachosz


Hello! My name is Mikołaj Bachosz and I am a law graduate from Poland.

My activism for liberty started shortly after I graduated from high school. I joined the youth section of the largest pro-freedom and pro-capitalist political party in Poland “Kongres Nowej Prawicy”. I took an active role in various activities held by the party to promote its free-market program, in particular showing the public the importance of abolishing personal income tax as well as an information campaign to make society aware of how reckless government spending is driving us into ever-increasing debt. I have collected signatures from Polish citizens to register lists of candidates for various elections and in early 2015 I joined the youth section of another pro-freedom party known as ‘KORWIN’ – a successor of “Kongres Nowej Prawicy”.

I also ran as a candidate in the 2015 parliamentary elections in Poland. During this campaign, I widely promoted libertarian values through my social media public profile. Unfortunately, due to rampant nationalist sympathies within the party, I made the decision to withdraw from this organization in September 2016.

Since 2020, after several years of focusing on education and career development, I returned to active participation in worthwhile pro-freedom events. Among other things, I began to participate in various libertarian events in Poland like “Milton Friedman Summit” (2020, 2021, and 2023 editions), ‘Weekends of Capitalism’ (2021, 2023), and also ‘Liberty International World Conference 2022’. I’ve also participated in ‘John Galt School Poland 2022’ which I won and therefore I was awarded a scholarship for ‘NICON 2023’ objectivist conference and also for ‘Level Up 2023’ conference. I am also participating in a learning course in political science, economics end ethics focused around liberal ideas called ‘Polish-American Leadership Academy’ conducted by ‘Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation’.

Currently, I am willing to delve into the pro-freedom movement even more.

“During my childhood days I admired stories about successful people who became rich thanks to their ability to provide goods and services to the people who needed them”

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