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If you are looking for inspiration and excitement in your life – Project Arizona is for you.

Inspiration because Arizona is the place which proves that freedom really works! Here you will meet independent individuals who truly take control of their lifes and don’t ask for government handouts. Being part of Project Arizona you will not only observe the incredible power of freedom but you will be part of it. Volunteering, meeting people, exciting trips – that all will make you galvanized

Excitement because Arizona is a miracle, indeed. It is a stunning place of red rocks, cactuses, everlasting sunshine and independent people living there. It is a place where all these ingredients together bring amazing dynamism. There are many reasons why Phoenix is attracting one of the largest numbers of people (in entire United States) as a place of relocation. Freedom, wonderful weather and mentioned dynamism excite alone. Think about the combination.

But we do Project Arizona for a purpose. By selecting young international leaders and exposing them to what is Arizona and freedom all about, we aim to give them powerful tools and inspiration to change their own countries and communities. The powerful example of Arizonan liberty can and will influence the world. We strongly believe in it.

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