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Project Arizona – it’s a really good deal.

“Wait – what did you say? It costs 5900 US dollars! How is that a good deal?” – You may ask. Well, you heard that right – when it comes to education, experience and living in US,  it is hard to find a better deal than Project Arizona – here’s why.

  1. 5900 US dollars is not the final price. We are in the advanced stage of looking for donators, who will contribute money for the purpose of scholarships, which will lower the participation cost. We guarantee that every student will get between 1000 up to 2500 US Dollars in scholarships.
  2. Every participant will recieve at least 300$/month pocket money from each internship provider.
  3. You don’t need to worry about the cost of flight tickets to US and back home, accomodation for 4 months and insurance – it is all included in the participation fee.
  4. You have probably heard about the high cost of college education in the United States – well, not in Project Arizona! The comprehensive academic seminar at the ASU together with a graduation certificate and possibility to attend weekly public policy workshops are included in the price.
  5. When it comes to food prices, Phoenix is pretty cheap, compared to the rest of United States.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the estimation below:

The approximate value of all the elements is 10 000 US dollars.

But at Project Arizona, thanks to our wide net of partners, the cost for the whole programme is 5900$. And don’t forget – you will receive pocket money (at least 300$ a month) from your internship providers and there are scholarships to come – we will inform about them very soon.

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