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The main aim of Project Arizona is to provide ten participants (of age 20 to 30) with a unique program that will empower them to became stronger and more efficient in their professional lives after they come back home. Our project will also expose you to American values, history,  free market economic system, and founding fathers’ principles. We guarantee you meaningful internships, educational training, community service and living experience in Arizona. This only assures that Project Arizona will keep you busy in the best possible sense of that word.

Duration of the PA semester: February 20, 2017 – June 30, 2017

Project Arizona has an ambition to be a life changing experience that will give you inspiration and necessary tools to enhance your career. It is a big promise but we are not hesitant to give it, since we are offering a project which is a combination of meaningful work training, high quality education, and community service. And not only that. It’s very important to  stress that Arizona is the place where powerful ideas of freedom are implemented to reality and that example is extremely inspirational. Our “Meet AZ” series of informal meetings with state key figures (including businessmen, politicians, think-tank leaders, journalists) will give you a unique occasion to expand your professional network and benefit from it.