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Education is very important part of Project Arizona. We want students to understand better the history of place where they are living now (United States of America) and learn mechanism of free market economics, the system that made it prosperous. There are two major elements of the educational plan that Project Arizona offers:

1. Weekly participation in three classes of American History and Political Philosophy offered by Arizona State University Center for Political Thought and Leadership (ASU CPTL). These classes are led by Professors: Donald Critchlow and Jonathan Barth.

2. Designed especially for Project Arizona Seminar on American History and Free Market Economics. It’s three (full) days long seminar containing both lectures from American political philosophy as well as high quality lectures on economics. Additionally, there will be sessions dedicated to practical implementation of the freedom philosophy. The Seminar is co-sponsored by ASU CPTL, Center for Study of Economic Liberty and the Language of Liberty Institute.

3. Our students take part in Grassroots Leadership Academy organized by Americans for Prosperity Foundation. It is course preparing ordinary people to become professional local-level freedom activists. It is great opportunity to learn new methods of social activism.

We are proud to present you our Academic Partner, the ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership

The Center for Political Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University seeks to train a new generation of leaders well-versed in the principles of democracy. The center’s mission is to impart a deeper understanding of the meaning of political liberty and economic well-being to the academic and larger public community through undergraduate education, scholarly research, and public events.

The Center for Political Thought and Leadership provides a forum for national and international scholarship and research in political thought. The center brings together political, legal, academic, community and business leaders involved in public affairs to exchange and develop ideas about leadership and the meaning of leadership in their respective fields. Students at ASU are provided with opportunities to learn from and build networks directly with these leaders, providing them with a vital connection to their future career fields. In this way, the center fulfills Thomas Jefferson’s admonition for universities to combine academic knowledge with public life.

The Center of Political Thought and Leadership focuses on these principle areas:

Academic Research: The research mission of the center is conducted through postdoctoral fellows; lectures and seminars for distinguished scholars; and a publications program incorporating the Journal of Policy History, a quarterly published by Cambridge University Press.
Undergraduate education: Integral to the center is the undergraduate certificate program in Political Thought and Leadership, approved by ABOR in Spring 2013. This program revolves around a set curriculum anchored by an introductory course, “Foundations of Democracy” and a concluding senior research seminar, “Political Thought and Leadership.” In addition, the program establishes student/community reading groups, lectures, and an active internship program.
Public outreach: Through center events and educational outreach programs, the center seeks opportunities to enhance civic literacy and education within the larger community, including the general public, K–12 teachers, and community leaders.

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