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Nutsa Mzhavanadze Testimonial

Starting my undergraduate years, I have always had a special aspiration towards novelty and innovation. My passion was travelling, meeting many interesting people, share my cultural, tradition valued and gain networking skills. This is a reason why I have been trying to apply for many international projects, conferences since it is the most effective way to get in touch the people all over the world and share the experience. Although I have participated in many international programsparticularly, I would like to spread the word and impressions regarding Project Arizona which is objectively outstanding and special program for many reasons. This is one of the reason why I consider myself blessed since through participation in this project I had an opportunity to live real, independent life and get a life-time experience. This project is combination of various activities including internship, conferences, seminars at Arizona State University, networking and tourism. Honestly I never thought about economics from libertarian point of view, the benefits of free market where the will of parties and freedom to get to economic relationships without any external interference are the cornerstones of modern economic world. I started assessing things from numerous angels, analyzing many alternatives and finding the best solutions for future well-being and prosperity.

Liberty matters a lot for everybody, but it takes time to realize its real benefits, driving force and significance in everyday life. This project helped me to change my point of view in this subject matter, become more independent-thinker and explore my real power and inner strength in the foreign land and reality. I discovered new me and new world around me, started sharing my experience and mentoring to help other people find their way. For sure, it was not that easy since I had to leave my small country for three months, start new job in the American law firm, demonstrate my leadership potential and prove that I could be profitable for them. I think I did succeed. I found the most effective ways to turn stressful working environment into friendly one and convert my colleagues into my friends. Now I claim that I made friends in US who are asking me for assistance when they are in need and vice versa.

Now I am in Georgia, back to previous life, working, studying, spending time with my friends and enjoying my present. At first sight things did not change dramatically in my life and surroundings, but it is not true. I am a better version of myself, I found new me thanks to project Arizona. This is the honest answer to the question why you guys have to try project Arizona once in your life. Definitely, it is worth to do!