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Challenge. Development. Success. These three words represent the character of Arizona very well. Citizens of this sunny southern state probably do not realize how lucky they are to live where they live. Being used to all Arizona’s advantages – buoyant labor market, business-friendly environment and pro-freedom mentality – it is easy to forget that you indeed live in one of the richest and most prosperous places on Earth.

Do you think about being part of Project Arizona? We encourage you to first learn what do we offer and then submit your application for Raise Me to The Top campaign. What is RMT all about? It’s crowdfunding campaign that is promoting your own candidacy to participate in Project Arizona. At dedicated website we will be raising money for yourself thus helping you to make your American Dream reality.

Couple of Questions & Answers about Project Arizona’s Raise Me to The Top campaign:

1. What are expectations and limits for the candidates applying to Raise Me to The Top?

Please go through the Candidate's Profile site.

2. How to submit my application for RMT?

Just fill the form below and submit it to us until September 13th, 2017 23:59 CET. You will get the answer telling if you are selected to the 2nd and final stage of application (Skype interview) until September 20th, 2017 end of the day.

3. When do you plan to conduct Skype interview?

There will be only around 20 people invited for the Skype interview which is 2nd and final step in the recruitment process. We will conduct it between September 23th – September 30th, 2017. The exact time of the meeting will be discussed with candidates via e-mail.

4. What it means that we need to raise money in order to send RMT candidate to Arizona?

First of all it is proper to use pronoun “we” when it comes to fundraising for the Raise Me to The Top. We, because it’s common challenge for Project Arizona’s organizers (us) and the candidate (you) to raise needed funds. So you will have your own part of the website which will look like your own portfolio: showing who are you and why it’s worth to support your candidacy for Project Arizona. There will be a special bar showing how much money is already raised and how much is still needed. Campaigning is fun!

5. How much money do I need to raise to make sure I will take part in Project Arizona?

It depends on couple of things. First of all, it matters how much are you able to pay from your pocket (it simply reduces the amount needed to be raised). That amount will be deducted from the total sum of 6500 USD which is cost of participation of one student. Additionally, the good news is that thanks to our fundraising efforts from last spring (ex. we held the Fundraiser in Phoenix back in May 2017) we can already dedicate 1500 USD donation for each participant. It’s easier to look at the example: If you pledge 1800 USD to pay from your pocket and get 1500 USD already raised by us, then the remaining amount to raise is 3200 USD. Both you and us will work to collect this money via Raise Me to The Top campaign. Last year we managed to raise money for 6 out of 10 students that way so chances are good!

6. What does Project Arizona covers and what is not covered?

Every participant of Project Arizona will get covered: flight tickets, insurance, accommodation, educational programs, all the meetings, Project coordination by people on site, some fun events (go-karts, paintball etc.)

What is not covered: visa costs, feeding, weekend travels, city transportation.

7. When Project Arizona 2018 will be held?

Project Arizona Class of 2018 will be held between January 4th – March 29th, 2018 which is exactly 12 weeks.

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