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Peter Oluleke from Nigeria

I started as a volunteer and grew up to become a leader. I won various awards including the International Student for liberty Group of the year award in 2015. More specifically, the team I led executed 3 walk for liberty campaign project, a Liberty Feast, a Love hangout, 2 Entrepreneurship summit, 1 leadership forum, 4 liberty tabling and the first Nigerian Liberty dinner and award night in 2015.

I further participated in the Atlas Leadership Academy Think Tank Training in East Africa which led to the establishment of my think tank dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship, development and the fundamental institutions of a free society. Through this, I led a Press Freedom campaign in Africa using the Hash tag #pressfreedom #afeedforpeaceandprosperity and did a 4:25 minutes video clip with Dr. Lafewa on how foreign aid can not develop Africa. Also, in the write for liberty conference in Africa, I spoke on how economic freedom has helped boast Botswana economy and why African nations should foster policies that will be consistent with the Economic Freedom index. I also made a publication on one of the national newspapers in Nigeria on how job creation should be left in the hands of the citizen and not the Government.

During my undergraduate program, I passionately researched on the impact of Trade liberalization on Nigerian Economic Growth. The study reveals that trade openness has a positive impact on Nigeria Economic growth and just of recent, I graphed on my LinkedIn how Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, Congo, and South Africa suffers lower GDP per capita despite being part of the first 10 oil producing nations in Africa compared to low/non oil producing Sub-sahara countries such as Botswana, Mauritius, and Seychelles because of higher tarrif rate and lower Economic freedom index.

Project Arizona will avail me the opportunity to acquire adequate libertarian skills that will equip me for my advocacy and research works. I am currently enrolled in my postgraduate programme and I am revisiting my research work on trade liberalisation to cover sub-sahara Africa. Participating in Project Arizona will therefore avail me the opportunity to learn more and also connect me with libertarians from around the world that will contribute to make my research work even better.

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Would you like to help Peter to participate in Project Arizona?