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Łukasz Czekaj from Poland

This is amazing opportunity for me to participate in Project Arizona. It is so, because Americans were to create culture that is desired by someone that grew up over 9 thousand kilometres away. Culture in which I grew up turn out to be reason why Ludwikowice Kłodzkie is village of three thousand people where majority are alcoholics. Place where state institution collapsed with transformation of 90s, and most of noble people were murdered in the name of soviet regime, is where I am originally from. As a growing up teenager never heard of ideas like freedom or private property rights, instead I was ready to attack everything that was different from the moral code I was taught. That mechanism made me only ready to be a manpower in someone’s else war of righteous.

From my own experience I learned that it requires a lot of determination and often courage to not be a victim of the circumstances but my own actions. Ever since I was introduced to libertarian ideas I finally knew the terms on which cooperation with others is most effective in achieving individual goals. Thus culture based on voluntary interactions and free trade is most desired by me. Arizona has become one of freest place because people who believes in such values are ready to defend them. Men who volunteered their time and resources in the faith of creating world they desire are who I am looking for more presence in my life. Such an act of faith truly deserve wide attention.

I consider myself as lucky one thanks to the fact I can benefit of heritage of Friedrich von Hayek or Ayn Rand. And many more, including those I have met personally. On many occasions I have witness how people’s commitment changed the world. That make me sure of what I'm willing to commit to myself.

The way we set out goals and achieve it, is the area that interested me the most. Many times I learned how someone’s else action are tread to my individual liberty. Hence the question of the legitimacy of power became very important to me. It’s tempting to think that politicians are always working for the well being of everyone, or at least of their constituents. In reality, the are just human beings often self interested, acting mainly on behalf of themselves and theirs friends. When some people decide they know what’s best or everyone and justify their actions in the name of greater good, often it isn’t a reflection of what’s best for everyone but what’s best for people in power.

I believe that means do not justify the ends, that's why I committed myself to spread and popularising libertarian ideas all over the world. Everyone should be free to live their life however they want instead of forcing society to fit our own personal preferences. The good for individual people comes form tolerating and diverse society when everyone can pursue their own interest without fear of fines, jail or being killed. I am proud of being member of a community, that through their ways of life made a world a better place. It's great to see what you are able to achieve when you prove a little bit more determination and personally I am seeking for more ways to deliver that message.

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Would you like to help Łukasz to participate in Project Arizona?