Krzysztof Moszyński from Poland

Welcome to my page! My name is Krzysztof Moszyński, and I am a 27 years old liberty activist from Poland. I am one of the main members of the 'Lessons of Economics for the Youth' project, which teaches Austrian Economics to thousands of young people in my country. I'm also the author of a similar project, where I discuss economics from a Christian perspective. When not teaching, I work as a Japanese translator, vocal artist and voice actor.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, I graduated from a music school. With a fragile body, plenty of health problems and a very timid personality, I was a typical bookworm. I would always carry at least a few books with me, reading them during breaks and more boring classes, usually hidden under the table. They were my closest friends.

However, during middle school, I met a man who inspired me to open up to the world. He was a catechist who — unlike many other teachers — treated every student with respect and kindness. Rather than school us, he would often ask tough questions, forcing us to think for ourselves; much like a modern-day Socrates. The honest pursuit of all that is true and right is what I was taught and what stuck with me for the rest of my life.

After high school, I got accepted into the Japanese Studies at the University of Warsaw. By that time, I had already done my first translations from Japanese to English. During my studies, I joined a student group at my parish, which greatly helped me develop myself as a person. I also began training my voice, aiming to become a professional singer in the future.

After getting my Bachelor’s, I won the Japanese MEXT scholarship. I spent a year studying at the Kyoto University of Education, where I learned many subjects from the areas of language, psychology, political thought, and music. My dream came true. But it wasn't enough.

After returning to Poland, I joined the Independent Student Association. I attended many courses organized by the ISA, including the Development Program and Leadership Academy. At the same time, I was continuing my education on the matters of practical psychology. I've created and carried out courses on self-knowledge, successful relationships and personal efficiency.

While studying for my Master’s, I learned some acting and began to work as a theatre singer. After that, I engaged in the Economics Lessons for the Youth project, which led me to join the biggest pro-liberty youth organization in Poland — the KoLiber Association. I was trained in the field of Austrian economics by the Mises Institute in Poland. I went on to become one of the most active members of the project in Warsaw. I was decorated as the best mentor for 2016/2017 and one of the most outstanding teachers of 2018.

Since then, together with PAFERE Foundation, I created a project called Lessons of Economics for Catholics, focused on spreading knowledge of economics among the Polish Catholic youth. Together with entrepreneurs from ASBiRO Business School, I’m also developing the 'Prawiatan Chamber of Commerce' that aims to push free-market solutions directly into the Parliament.

I believe that every significant change in the world starts with people. I have a vision of freedom community that is more than just a gathering of people with interesting ideas; a community that fosters great personalities, encourages virtue and offers opportunities for self-development.

Participating in Project Arizona will equip me with tools that will bring me closer to making this vision a reality. It's an experience that will empower me to defend the cause of liberty in the public, and help in the development of key free-market projects in Poland. It may also become the first step towards spreading the ideas that could give the liberty movement in my country a new breath of life.

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Would you like to help Krzysztof to participate in Project Arizona?