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What is Project Arizona?

Project Arizona is a semester-long project for young, outstanding leaders of the global freedom change. In Phoenix, these international talents conduct meaningful internships, academic seminar at ASU, and fruitful networking. They gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty and how to implement them when they return to their own communities.


Project Arizona Class of 2019 will be held between January 23th – April 23th, 2019 which is exactly 13 weeks. You can send your application here until 31st of August, 2018.

If you are looking for inspiration and experience in working for freedom - this project is for you!

Project Arizona consists of 4 major pillars:

1. Internships

With Project Arizona, you are guaranteed an internship with leading state policy group, attorney office, media outlet or museum. Our concern is to match your candidacy well with your internship provider. Thus you can be assured that your internship will benefit your career and strengthen your position on the market.
Internship providers represent broad spectrum of businesses but all of them provide quality and meaningful training. Internships are full-time and last three months. More about our internship providers you can read HERE

2. Education

Education is very important part of Project Arizona. We want students to understand better the history of place where they are living now (United States of America) and learn mechanism of free market economics, the system that made it prosperous. There are two major elements of the educational plan that Project Arizona offers:
- Weekly participation in three classes of American History and Political Philosophy offered by Arizona State University Center for Political Thought and Leadership (ASU CPTL)
- Designed especially for Project Arizona 3-day long Seminar on Free Market Economics and practical implementation of the freedom philosophy. The Seminar is co-sponsored by ASU CPTL, Center for Study of Economic Liberty and the Language of Liberty Institute.
Would you like to learn more about Education part? Click HERE

3. Networking

During Project Arizona we will be participating in many events, meetings and conferences - all of them are a great opportunity for networking. In the past we had a chance to meet David Friedman (economist), Lawrence Reed (Foundation for Economic Education), Ron Paul (Congressman), Arthur Brooks (Entreprise Institute), Darcy Olsen (Generation Justice), Christina Sandefur (Goldwater Institute) and many more! We also organize our own events - networking meetings and fundraiser.

4. Volunteering

We believe that living in community means to understand local problems and to engage in solution. That is why we join forces with existing community service providers, especially the ones who stress the importance of freedom. In the past we cooperated with Americans for Prosperity AZ ( and Generation Opportunity ( and plan to engage our students to volunteer few hours a month for their civic activities. From our point of view it is very important to engage our students in such activities thus proving that charity is possible in free society and exposing them to the culture of compassion.

We have also one additional pillar: Fun & Travel!

Phoenix is a fun city itself but living three month in American South West is a perfect opportunity to explore much more. Especially that Arizona and surrounding states have truly much to offer. In order to make your stay maximum exciting, we offer our students participation in number of different weekend activities. Among them:

> Day-tours to natural wonders such as: Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon (Sedona), Tortilla Flat, Bisbee
> Hiking different mountains in central Arizona, ex. Superstition Mountains, Camelback, Piestewa Peak, South Mountains
> Shooting classes with professional trainer

We will offer you a complete tours which include transportation and guidance. These tours will be extra paid but their price will be significantly lower than the standard market price. And they will be so much fun!

Special Offer: Post-Project Arizona Road Trip Across the West

In 2019 we would like to offer our students something extraordinary. It will be a week long trip across the American South West. We plan to go through four states (Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah) and see the most incredible things in that area, among them:
1. San Diego, CA (ex. Balboa Park, Coronado Island)
2. Los Angeles, CA (ex. Hollywood, Griffith Observatory)
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Horseshoe Bend, AZ
5. Bryce National Park, UT
6. Antelope Canyon, AZ

The trip will take place between April 23rd - April 30th, it will be completely voluntary (we don't treat trips as condition of participation in Project Arizona) and it's cost will be announced based on the number of participants. It will be a great trip to summarize Project Arizona!

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